Counting the Future is a visual history of prediction; a collection of attempts to predict the future from numbers. It focuses specifically on the diagrammatic nature of statistical prediction as a visual entry point to the profound ways in which statistics and probability have re-shaped the world over the last 300 years. The material presented here is drawn from literature in fields such as the history of science, geography, media sudies, critical data studies, and many others. This project puts predictive diagrams in relation with each other through time, across disciplines and domains; the resulting epic meta-diagram aims to provide a new way to access this literature, a subjective and incomplete map which invites multiple readings.

Minimum Viable Product presented at the 4S/EASST conference 2016

This is a work in progress
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This project is part of David Benqué's PhD research in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London. This work is supported by Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) through its PhD Scholarship Programme.